Okeechobee Insulation Services

Many Okeechobee residents may not even realize that they need insulation services. Leed Insulation & Spray Foam has been serving the Okeechobee community with our top-notch home and business insulation services for over 30 years and are here to provide our services to you too.

Whether you need to upgrade your current insulation or insulate a home addition or newly constructed home or business, we put our customers first and pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service and products in the industry. We also oversee the removal of your old insulation as well. We want to not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations.

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Upgrading Residential Insulation Saves Money on Home Energy Costs

It’s easy to overlook the importance of home insulation. Many of us rarely think about the space in our attic or between our exterior walls until we notice a problem. High energy costs are one such problem and an important concern to almost all Okeechobee residents. Did you know one of the easiest ways to lower your energy bills is to properly insulate your home? It’s true!

Inadequate insulation in your home or business, in places such as your attic and walls, allows air to seep through gaps in the old insulation and small cracks and crevices. Installing the proper insulation and air sealing these spaces, will prevent air from escaping and allow your HVAC system to work less to keep your home at a comfortable temperature every season of the year. That means you can enjoy a morning of fishing on Lake Okeechobee or a day at the Speckled Perch Festival and know you have a comfortable home to return to. 

At Leed Insulation & Spray Foam, we make it our job to save you money. That’s why we supply high quality products at an affordable price. Insulating your home or business with the proper insulation is a worthy investment that will save you money on your energy bills from the onset. You and your family can lower your energy bill with upgraded insulation and air sealing!

An Insulation Company You Can Count On

Our expert team of insulation professionals is highly trained and qualified to install the best insulation products for your home or business. Spray foam may be our specialty, but we’ve undergone the rigorous training required to become an Owens Corning® Certified Energy Expert® to provide you with the best fiberglass insulation solutions too. We also offer radiant barriers that block up to 95% of your roof’s radiated heat, insulation removal and disinfectant services to guarantee your home or business is ready for new insulation, injection foam for exterior block walls, and vinyl-faced fiberglass insulation for metal buildings.

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Get a Free Estimate on Residential or Commercial Insulation

We’re extremely thankful for our Okeechobee customers. We know we would not exist without your support over the years. Leed Insulation & Spray Foam is the most trusted insulation company in our community because of our faithful customers and hard-working staff.

Choosing to upgrade your home or business’ insulation is a big decision. Our Okeechobee team of friendly and knowledgeable insulation contractors is ready to answer any insulation questions you may have and to schedule your free insulation estimate today. We’re committed to the people of Okeechobee and look forward to making your home or business a more comfortable place your family or employees will enjoy for many years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our insulation products and services.