Certified Energy Experts

Your Local Certified Energy Expert® Trained. Tested. Trusted. 

Leed Insulation & Spray Foam has been certified by Owens Corning, the leading name in fiberglass insulation, as a Certified Energy Expert (CEE), to provide our customers with an outstanding combination of energy expertise and assurance.

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What is a Certified Energy Expert?

An Owens Corning® Certified Energy Expert® works with builders and homeowners alike to help make buildings and homes quiet, comfortable, and energy smart. Our CEE team has undergone rigorous training and proven our ability to apply advanced building science knowledge to deliver comprehensive solutions that guarantee we are the best in the insulation business. You can have peace of mind that our Certified Energy Expert® team is trained, tested, and trusted to help make your Florida home or building a better place to be.

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Benefits of a Certified Energy Expert

Trained to Optimize Comfort

We’re expert consultants that have been extensively trained in thermal performance, moisture prevention, air filtration, ventilation and more.

Tested for Proven Performance

We’ve been tested to ensure Grade 1 installation quality and are dedicated to upholding the highest standards and practices and deliver the verified R-value and proven insulating power of Owens Corning PINK® FiberglasTM insulation.

Backed by a Trusted Leader

As a CEE we provide a limited lifetime warranty on the #1 most trusted brand in insulation* and an industry-exclusive limited lifetime warranty on the installation workmanship.

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Expert Insulation Services You Can Depend On

At Leed Insulation & Spray Foam, homeowners, builders, and business owners throughout the East Coast of Florida have counted on us to provide insulation services that exceed their expectations for over 30 years. As a Certified Energy Expert, we’re energy performance consultants with building science background, code knowledge, and hands-on experience you can depend on to help optimize comfort, noise control, and energy efficiency in your home or building. Contact us to learn more about all your local Certified Energy Expert® can do for you.