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Other Insulation Services in Florida’s Treasure Coast

Leed Insulation has been earning the trust of Florida residents for over 30 years through the hard work and exemplary customer service of our team members. We take pride in offering the highest quality products for the most affordable price and creating comfortable, safe, and energy efficient homes for the residents of our East Coast Florida community.

On top of the expert insulation services we provide, we also offer other select services to better serve our local community.

Ft.Pierce Florida

Insulation Removal

Over time insulation can become damaged due largely to pests and moisture. A leaky roof or window can foster the growth of mold on your insulation while rodents and pests can infest your insulation, leaving it trampled and full of bacteria-carrying droppings.

When these things happen, it is imperative that you remove your old insulation before adding new, updated insulation. Our expert team will safely and quickly gather and remove your damaged material, taking extra precautions to ensure the rest of your home is not affected by the removal process. You can trust us to complete the job in a timely, clean, and efficient manner every time.

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Unwanted rodents and pests often enter an attic through a hole or gap in a window, roof, or wall. Once they have moved in, they make themselves at home in your insulation, creating a nest or den and leaving their droppings behind. It is important to permanently rid your home of pests and not only remove the damaged insulation but disinfect your attic with a spray disinfectant to remove all traces of feces, urine, blood, hair, and oils that may have been left behind. It is our service team’s priority to ensure that your attic is clean and ready for new insulation to be installed.

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